The Rogers family.jpg

The photo above is us, the Rogers family taken back in 2015.  My husband, 'Farmer Hugh' runs our 300 acre farm, where we grow barley, wheat and oats.  We are also part of a conservation scheme, growing wildflowers, grasses and winter birdfood plots.  We plant trees where we can and endeavour to plant more hedges were possible.  We are passionate about the environment and our aim is to work in harmony with nature, whilst also making a living from farming.  


We no longer have our own sheep flock but we work closely with a lovely, local farming family, who rent our sheep sheds and land, for hundreds of their ewes and lambs to graze the green pastures throughout the year.  If you are lucky, you may catch a glimpse of Dan, who is a charming and friendly chap and always happy to stop and have a chat, no matter how busy he is.

We have two children, who love the farm but neither of them are showing interest in becoming farmers - they both think it's too much hard work!

I am kept busy with the glamping business and I also support Hugh with the running of the farm.  Of course, I also take care of our lovely home, our happy sheepdog, Bertie, and our children (not necessarily in that order!).